Cy-Fair Kids Transportation Service
Cypress Reliable Independent District Express Service

Cy-Rides is a kids transportation service "exclusively" provided for children who live in 
and attend school within the Cypress-Fairbanks Independent School District
We will pickup your kids from a designated location and take them to their destination.

We offer parents a safe convenient alternative way of transporting your children 
to and from school while giving you the peace of mind that they are taken care of. 
When your child is unable to ride the bus, they can ride with us!

  • To and from Cy-Fair schools and local daycare centers
  • You live within the Two-Mile Bus Route Limitation
  • Sports activities and practices
  • Too close to ride the bus but too far or dangerous to walk
  • When your child misses the bus 
  • If your child gets sick during the day
  • Before or after school tutoring
  • Band, Choir, Music Classes 
  • Inclement Weather Conditions

 Does your child attend a Cy-Fair community college, private or
christian school within Cypress? Transportation services are 
available at the following schools:



Earn extra cash for just a few hours a day. A Gas Allowance is provided.

Ph: (281) 304-2575
Fax: (281) 231-2993
"Our CyFair Community is 
Growing and So Are We!"

Hiring Safe and 
Friendly Drivers! 
Proudly Serving the Cy-Fair Community "Exclusively" For 14 Years!