About Us
Who We Are?

Cy-Rides is a kids transportation service made up of parents residing in Cypress, Texas with children who attend the Cypress-Fairbanks Independent School District assisting other parents by providing a safe, convenient and alternative means of transporting your precious jewels to and from school. We are registered in the state of Texas operating since 2006.

Why & How We Got Started?

While attending a school conference, we learned that an area of concern within our district was the early drop off and late pickup of children during the off-peak times (before 8:00AM and after 4:00PM). During these times, there is very little or no supervision for the children that are dropped off and left waiting outside until the school opens. We've experienced the same issue with our children when they walked to school and attended early morning or evening tutoring and other activities. We took the time and visited the schools during these times and observed just how many other working families are having the same problem. That's when we decided to get together with other stay-at-home moms and dads and offer this convenient way of getting children to and from school without parents worrying about them and their safety. Additionally, bus routes were no longer available for children within two miles which posed major parental concerns. We provide you with a reliable, convenient and safe way to meet the transportation demands that comes with having active school aged children.

Proudly Serving the Cy-Fair Community "Exclusively" For 14 years!